So simple, so effective!  We are sure that you will be telling your friends about your SleekEZ.  Shed loose hair and dirt from the coat year round without irritating the horse.  We promise that you will be completely in love with this item come shedding season!  No honing the edges required, and the 25 cm length allows users to use two hands and quickly remove loose hair and dirt.  Just simply swipe the metal blade with a soft horse brush from your tack box to remove dirt build up, continue brushing and see that sleek pony appear!


SleekEZ handle is constructed of poplar wood  waterproofed with a "green" water-based lacquer.  The metal blade is unique and exclusive to SleekEZ.  You will not find the same blade available on the market.

SleekEZ was formed by long-time, advanced equine dentist Jennifer Tipton.  Jennifer travels throughout the United States making horses happy, and always enjoys a pretty horse! She is a horse, kitty and dog owner, and lives in Montana where the winters are long and springs are, well, hairy. But, no matter what part of the world you are in, animals shed hair, dirt and dander year round. SleekEZ is one of the best shedding tools on the market and claimed to be better than the Furminator at half the cost!


Different prototypes were made and many were tossed mostly due to shoddy presentation and uncomfortable grips.  Finally, after many handmade prototypes, she went with this present one as it is most comfortable in the hand.  Also, the metal blade has a tooth pattern that is exclusive to SleekEZ.  You are not going to find another blade like it on the market.  The tooth pattern was found to work best from horses to dogs to cats. It is an amazing product to help with shedding  livestock and pets.


"It wasn't the cheapest route," she says, "but, I am one to go for quality.  I take pride in my work."




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