An animal enrichment scratching and grooming pad


What makes the Scratch-n-all different:


  • They fit just about anywhere and are small enough to be used with any animal of any size;


  • They have a unique four sided, curved, interlocking system which means there is no straight joined edge to be exposed to excessive wear as each ScratchnAll pad supports the position of the next. 


  • You can build up a scratching surface across any size area as desired to meet your animal’s needs,


  • They can be used flat or on an angled surface as the specially designed V-notch allows them to sit flush on any angled surface up to 90 degrees making them ideal for use on square posts, corners and building frames.  When applied flat the V-notch acts as a channel to allow moisture to escape from the back of the pad


  • They are available in two options of flexibility allowing you to offer safe scratching even for sensitive skinned animals


  • Built to last being made from high grade elastomers unlike most that are made from either rigid plastics or soft rubbers which corrode over time and use


  • Brighten your animal’s living space with visual stimulation by creating patterns as they come in a variety of colours;

Scratch-n-All pads have a higher number of quills per inch than conventional scratch pads


  • Built in recessed fixing points so that hardware sits lower than the surface of the pad and is less likely to catch on hair and skin


  • Remains stable at very high and very low temperatures


  • Suitable for all animals, from equine to exotics


  • US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) compliant for use



How many do I need:


  • For small animals such as goats, sheep and pigs(and even dogs), 1 to 2 may suffice.


  • For larger animals such as horses and cows, a minimum of 2 is suggested.



Where can I mount them:


  • Almost anywhere! Fence rails, stables, barns, trees, walls, corners - basically anywhere that your horse is already scratching.


  • You'll want to consider the amount of scratching area that your animal(s) may require and the structures your animals may already be using around your yard and barn. The advantage with the Scratch-n- All is that the 4-sided interlocking feature means you can start with one or two pads and as you observe your animals using them add additional pads, if required, over time to build a grid to satisfy your animal's needs.  


  • Their flexiblity means you can mount them just about anywhere but if your horses or other animals already have a favourite spot on a building, fence or surface to scratch on you can prevent additional damage to your structure by simply mounting the pads in this high use area. If you have more than one animal in an enclosure i.e. cattle in a barn, mounting a couple of the pads in several areas encourages animals to make better use of the space and ensures no one dominates the scratching place. 



What else do I need to know:


  • Each 320 gram, 15.2cm x 12.5cm x 2.5cm pad comes with four rust-proof, stainless steel mounting screws and washers to firmly and safely attach the pads to nearly any solid surface.


  • The material for this product is extremely durable and will seldom need to be replaced so purchasing for the long haul can be considered a good investment. How long it will last depends entirely on each individual situation and the animals using using it as well as the frequency of use. We have certainly found in our experience they out last any other scratch pad that we've tried.


  • For details of how to correctly fit your Scratch-n-All please follow the instructions provided with your Scratch-n-all.


  • Remember to always fit your scratch pads onto a structurally secure surface.


  • Made in the USA


  • Available in a variety of colours



About Scratch-n-all:


Since scratching and grooming is an activity all animals enjoy, they will rub on any convenient surface or object. Fences, trees, walls and posts offer horses a convenient scratching place which soon shows wear and may even break or splinter; creating rough edges and sharp points that could puncture the skin or cause other serious injuries.


Scratch n All® offers a safe and effective way of self-scratching so that the skin, face and especially the eyes are not harmed. Even though it’s very durable, the small nubs on the scratcher pad are flexible which is comfortable, satisfying and non-irritating to the animal with the added benefit of touching many key acupressure points.


Scratch n All® pads are designed to give your pets a safe place to scratch – any time they feel the urge. That’s why Scratch n All® is Leading the Way in Multi-Animal Scratchers.





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