If you live in a climate with any amount of rainfall, then you’ve probably experienced the constant battle to keep mud at bay on your farm. Mud can be a problem for both you and your horse in so many ways…



Mud causes health issues.


  • Horses can slip in mucky, wet footing and suffer pulled muscles or tendons, broken bones, and other catastrophic injuries.


  • Hoof health is at risk when horses stand in mud. Thrush, white-line, and other hoof diseases can cause your horse serious discomfort. Plus, the softened hoof tissue is more prone to punctures, abscesses, and lost shoes.


  • Bacteria and parasites living in mud can cause infection or illness, and mud stuck to your horse’s hay is easily ingested which could lead to colic.



Mud creates work. It makes grooming and caring for your horse a bigger chore. Mucking paddocks and any other work that requires a wheelbarrow can become nearly impossible.


Mud costs money. It causes vet bills and raises maintenance costs. Temporary mud solutions such as adding gravel, wood chips, or hogfuel can become expensive. Often these measures only last a few weeks or months because horses’ hooves quickly stir the new footing in with the mud below.




With LIGHTHOOF, you and your horses can be mud-free. Forever.



Flexible plastic strips stabilize gravel in hundreds of fist-sized welded cells.



  • Stretch the Lighthoof panels out over your existing ground and then compact gravel into the cells. The cells support the gravel, and the gravel supports your horse!


  • Based on an invention by the US Army Corps of Engineers for creating sturdy gravel roads through seemingly impossible terrain. It can hold trucks, tractors, tanks, and of course your horses.


  • Certified by the EPA for a minimum 70 year lifespan and is chemically inert so it can’t leech into your groundwater or degrade in your soil.



Lighthoof is made from flexible plastic strips, not hard plastic tiles.


By conforming to your existing terrain, Lighthoof is the only product that can lie right over your existing muddy ground. There’s no need to excavate or create a compacted gravel layer underneath. You can install it on steep slopes, around trees and over roots, through shallow ditches, and on lumpy ground. Lighthoof can also be used to create supported open drainage features within your area, a huge benefit for maintaining your surface flow.



Lighthoof is easier and cheaper to install.



  • Because Lighthoof can be installed directly over your existing muddy ground:


  • Less intense site prep: No need to remove mud or access your area with heavy equipment – ideal for remote, tight, or large areas on your farm, or low budget installations.


  • Much lower gravel usage: Grid guidlines recommend 8-34″ of gravel for proper installation depending on conditions. Lighthoof uses 4-6″ for all conditions.


  • DIY Friendly: Lighthoof is very uncomplicated to install and doesn’t require specialised equipment or tools. If you can’t or don’t want to hire someone to install your Lighthoof panels, you can roll up your sleeves, grab a rake and a hammer, and get ‘er done yourself!



Lighthoof is safe and gentle with no brittle edges or slippery surfaces.


If they do become exposed, Lighthoof’s flexible textured panels can’t poke up out of the ground with a hard or sharp edge to injure your horse. The gentle cell walls simply bend over under the horse’s weight without cutting him, preventing the panel from becoming more exposed. In the same situation, leverage can cause a hard plastic tile to life further out of the footing, exposing a slippery surface or sharp edge.

Watch this video explaining how Lighthoof works

Watch this video to see how to install Lighthoof

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