Sometimes it’s easy to imagine that horses are a little suicidal, and that fences are their chosen means for getting the job done! Thankfully the results are usually a little less dramatic, but the vet bills will be testament to the fact that they have at least tried. Now, here at Paddock Safe we can’t make any grand promises but we have done our very best to find fencing solutions that will eliminate, or at the very least minimise the damage done by fencing.


Run into Equirope and your horse should bounce right off and Equirope will spring right back. Kick out and he may get a bit of a shock but he won’t end up with nasty lacerations like those inflicted by a wire fence. And tension Equirope correctly and there will be no injuries from wrapping.


If for reasons of practicality, budget or choice you are using steel posts on your property you can negate the various associated injuries by slotting a Safe-Tee-Sleeve over the top, with the added advantage of achieving an aesthetically pleasing post and rail effect. Combine the Safe-Tee-Sleeve with the Equirope and you have an excellent solution for a permanent or semi-permanent safe, attractive, cost effective fence. Excellent for use as an interior fence when designing a track system, or for rental properties where you still want to provide your horses with a sturdy, safe fence. When you’re ready to move on just roll up the Equirope, lift off the Safe-Tee-Sleeves, pull up the steel posts and relocate it all to your next paddock or property. Simple as that! Both products are available in Black or White so they will blend seamlessly with whatever look you already have on your property, or help you to create the look you desire.


Please feel free to contact us if you require any help designing your new fencing.



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