Q: How large are the panels?


A: The panels are approximately 2 m wide by 4 m long when expanded. Each panel covers around 8 square meters


Q: Can they be driven on with a truck or tractor?


A: Yes! Once the panels are filled with gravel and compacted, they can be driven on by any size vehicle.


Q: How much and what type of gravel do I need?


A: Each LIGHTHOOF™ panel uses 1-2 meters of gravel. That’s significantly less gravel than a hard plastic grid/tile installation! We strongly recommend a 6-12 mm minus or similar angular crushed rock with fines for the most stable installation. In NZ customers most commonly use crusher dust or Gap 7. A pea gravel or rounded drain rock doesn’t firm up well. You can put any material over the top as footing once you’ve filled and compacted the cells.


Q: Do I have to remove the mud first?


A: No! The LIGHTHOOF™ panels can lie right over your existing mud with a layer of geotextile fabric underneath. You may prefer installing in summer to avoid sinking in while you are working. But, if needed, you can install over your existing wet mud. The system will settle a bit as it compresses the mud, so plan to end up a few inches lower overall in the end.


Q. Do I have to protect the edges of the panels?                                                                                                                 

A. Yes!  To ensure that the panels don’t create a tripping hazard for your horse, and to prevent them lifting you will need to protect the edges. You can use any suitable edging so long as it’s safe. Some good options are landscaping timber, railway sleepers, or logs. You may also choose to chip out the edges of your ground and set the panels into the ground to acheive a level pad. See the installation video for tips.


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Lighthoof installation video



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