Paddock Safe is a New Zealand company located in Napier, Hawkes Bay. Founded by New Zealander Jo Macfarlane in 2013, Paddock Safe is dedicated to providing quality products to ensure safer living environments for you and your horses. All of our products have been carefully researched and selected from the very best on offer around the world for their quality, safety and aesthetics.


A keen horse rider from an early age, Jo has seen too many New Zealand horses suffer from unnecessary paddock and fencing related injuries.  Regardless of where you graze your horses in New Zealand, our changeable climate makes mud or water logged paddocks throughout the winter months unavoidable.


The health risks of mud fever together with sprains and strains from slipping (for both you and your horse) make mud a serious and potentially expensive issue.  Even in the drier summer months, the health risks of dried mud turning into dust can contribute to respiratory issues and sand colic.


Jo’s wish to ensure not only her own horses, but all horses and other livestock are kept safe from the potential dangers of mud and poor fencing inspired her to bring this range of carefully selected products to New Zealand.



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